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2020 Muscat Bailey A Primeur



This bottle is part of the Collection Classique Still Wine Series from Bellwood Vineyard, where you can enjoy the flavor of its grape fruits. Unfiltered with only 935 bottles produced. No added sugar, no added acids, no filtration, no fining agents used. Malolactic fermentation, with a fermentation period of just 11 days. The gentle, smooth, yet fruity characteristics of Muscat Bailey A is elegantly portrayed by this lovely 2020 vintage.


Country: Japan

Region: Yamanashi 

Grape Variety: Muscat Bailey A

Vintage: 2020

Alcohol content: 11% vol.

Bottle size: 750 ml

Price range: ¥¥¥


Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 21.13.52.png


Soy-based Asian Cuisine

A great wine to pair with soy sauce based cuisine. Soy sauce, due to its salty-sour umami flavors, often makes it difficult to pair with wine. However for this wine, its medium sweetness complements the salty flavour of the soy sauce, while its medium-high acidity is enough to not make the wine seem flabby compared to the sour flavour of the soy sauce. As it is low in tannin, it does not clash with umami of the soy sauce, making it very soy sauce friendly wine. 

The wine-maker recommends to pair with Yamagata regional dish "Imoni"-Taro and Beef Hot Pot, broth seasoned with soy sauce and mirin.  


Wagyu Beef

Smooth, low tannin, yet bright acidity of the wine will not overpower the delicate flavours of wagyu beef- mild, buttery, and full of umami, while helping cut through the fat with its acidity. 


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