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Maruki Winery

La Feuille Tresor Reserved Koshu



Elegant is the best word to describe this bottle of wine from Maruki Winery, one of the oldest operating wineries in Japan. What makes this bottle exceptional is the combination of the beautiful, light, crisp, light-bodied Koshu, and the perfect blend of multiple vintages, including ones that were aged for 30-40 years. With almost a golden color, this bottle is the perfect choice for an elegant evening with desserts. 


Country: Japan

Region: Yamanashi 

Grape Variety: Koshu

Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Bottle size: 750 ml

Price range: ¥¥¥


Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 16.40.08.png


Unagi (grilled eel)

A slight smoky note and the sweetness of the wine is shared with the flavors of Unagi dish- smoky, caramelized flavors, in addition to full rich body/texture of both food and wine, hence making it a good match.

Chinese Food

Sweetness and the rich round body of the wine will work well Chinese food, a dish like Mapo Tofu (sweet and spicy with full of spices like garlic, spring onions, and chili peppers) as the sweetness will balance the palate by reducing and mellowing out heat and spicy, without any clash of flavours.


Pair it with Japanese cheesecake, or a light cheesecake that is not too sweet/overpowering to enjoy the delicate sweetness and flavours of the wine.


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