La Feuille Tresor Reserved Koshu​

Elegant is the best word to describe this bottle of wine from Maruki Winery, one of the oldest operating wineries in Japan. What makes this bottle exceptional is the combination of the beautiful, light, crisp, light-bodied Koshu, and the perfect blend of multiple vintages, including ones that were aged for 30-40 years. With almost a golden color, this bottle is the perfect choice for an elegant evening with desserts. 


2020 Muscat Bailey A Primeur

This bottle is part of the Collection Classique Still Wine Series from Bellwood Vineyard, where you enjoy grape juice in its purest form. Unfiltered with only 935 bottles produced. No added sugar, no added acids, no filtration, no fining agents used. Malolactic fermentation, with a fermentation period of just 11 days. 

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